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More HTML5 features now in iOS 4.2
by Andre Charland | 25 Nov 2010 | PhoneGap Blog

HTML5 and the future are coming to a mobile browser near you and faster than we may have expected. Over on Maximiliano Firtman's blog he talks in detail about some of the new features available in Safari in iOS 4.2.


*Gyroscope support through the DeviceOrientation API

*WebSockets API from HTML5

*Updated HTML5 Form Support

*Partial XHR-2 Support

*Print Support

*New JavaScript data types

*New DOM events

*Enhanced SVG and Canvas support

via Safari on iPhone & iPad 4.2: Accelerometer, WebSockets & better HTML5 support | Mobile Web Programming.

Here's a demo of the Accelerometer working on an iPhone in Safari that I found on the ReadWriteWeb's write up on the new HTML5 features.

See from a 4.2 iOS device here

Obviously since PhoneGap leverages webkit on the device your PhoneGap based apps will get acces to these great new features too. Quit doubting web technologies and start thinking cross platform!

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