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Performance Tips for PhoneGap Apps
by Andre Charland | 10 Mar 2011 | PhoneGap Blog

Well you can really tell the PhoneGap community is starting to mature when a post like this comes out. Daniel Pfeiffer and the crew at Float must be really sharp guys and we're stoked they're using PhoneGap and sharing a bit of their knowlege. I don't want to steal their thunder so here's just outline of their

-Test on a device early

-Listen for 'touchstart' instead of 'click'

-CSS Animations

-Optimize your JavaScript

-Try a different JavaScript library

-Concatenate and minify


-Update the OS

-Split up the work

-Disable the multi-tasking

Please let me know if you have any other tips to share with the rest of the PhoneGap community.

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