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Convertigo Mobilizer Uses PhoneGap Build APIs
by Capulet | 07 Jul 2011 | PhoneGap Blog

Congratulations to our friends over at Convertigo who launched Convertigo Mobilizer this week! Here's the blog post they published today about integrating PhoneGap Build into their project:

One of the exciting features of Convertigo Moblizer is the ability to build cross platform native applications on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. This features was made possible by integrating PhoneGap Build APIs in the Convertigo Server.

PhoneGap provides the ability to wrap any HTML5 based application in a native mobile application, and to leverage all mobile features such as sensors, camera, phonebooks etc.

Convertigo Mobilizer uses the cloud-based build service from PhoneGap. Any Convertigo Shared Cloud (free on our trial sever) user can deploy its project on the Convertigo Server and just click a button to build instantly the 5 platforms — iPhone3 iPhone4, iPad, Android and BlackBerry applications. Convertigo on-premises users can also benefit from this service, they just have to sign up an account on PhoneGap Build and to configure Convertigo to use this account.

With the combination of Convertigo and PhoneGap, developers can now benefit a true mobile cross-platform  technology to build enterprise mobile applications connected to the back-office business applications.

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