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PhoneGap 1.4 Released
by Steve Gill | 31 Jan 2012 | PhoneGap Blog, Release

The PhoneGap Community has done it again. We are happy to announce the release of PhoneGap 1.4! This release contains many bug fixes from version 1.3.0.

The PhoneGap Build cloud service will also be adding support for PhoneGap 1.4 starting today.

*UPDATE: A bug was discovered that disabled orientation change on iOS devices. We have just released PhoneGap 1.4.1 that addresses this. *

Check out the release notes below to see all of the enhancements and fixes.


  fixing whitelist handling
  Change API to postMessage() to call a plugin's onMessage() method.
  Optimize enumerations as suggested by @plowman.
  Fix  CB-135 Multithreaded access on CallbackServer javascript object.
  Added license header to new files.
  Remove unused files/classes until they are needed.
  Work-around Feature for Classic PhoneGap 320x480 resolution
  Fixing scale, setting legacy scale
  Removing GapView, since it doesn't actually do anything
  Moving LinearLayoutSoftKeyboardDetect out into its own class and making it more plugin-like
  Editing a comment about LinearLayoutSoftKeyboardDetect
  Changing to use JS directly. There are issues with this approach, and it should use the KeyboardHandler
  Moved Chrome Client out of
  Moving the WebViewClient out, allowing for PhoneGap to not break on empty console.log
  Removing the classic render feature, since it's not working properly Replace "PhoneGap" with "Cordova" and add incubation disclaimer
  Minor incubation disclaimer fix.
  Add compass demo for Android
  Added authentication framework
  Renamed crdentials/principals to userName/password
  Documentation additions
  Changed createCaptureFile to explicitly check for PNG and to throw an IllegalArgumentException if it is not a JPEG nor a PNG
  Adding JUnit dependency
  Reading preferences from phonegap.xml
  Using preference=fullscreen for fullscreen view
  Making preference reading code more robust
  Fix for issue #281 of phonegap/phonegap-android: Detect for localStorage if Java has disabled it
  Fix for Issue #33: onReceivedError incorrectly sets openExternal to true
  Fix NullPointerException in DroidGap.onMeasure()
  Fixing issue with FileTransfer.upload when the passed in url contains a ?
  Proved generating sqlite database path to open database without permission error
  Camera default destination should be FILE_URI
  CB-145: Android crashes for native contacts.
  CB-199: fails on Android 4.0
  Allow internal SD Card to be used as storage
  Fixing a timing issue with the web view history not being cleared properly
  Updating version to 1.4.0rc1
  Updating version to 1.4.0


  #124: Adding Battery events to the PlayBook.
  #153: Default for camera destination type changed from DATA_URL to FILE_URI.
  #CB-122: native JSON writer class needs expandable char buffer
  Fixing playbook plugin manager


Fixed CB-143 - Removing address from iOS contact causes crash
Fixed CB-153 - Camera default destination should be FILE_URI
Fixed CB-7 - Update source headers to apache license
Fixed CB-42 - MediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction can now be set to NO
Added stand-alone PGViewController (Cleaver - PhoneGap as a Component)
Fixed iOS 5 quirks with presenting/dismissing modal viewcontrollers.
Added 'How to Use PhoneGap as a Component' doc to the .dmg (as a PDF)
Added 'PhoneGap Upgrade Guide' doc to the .dmg (as a PDF)
Added for legacy support of deprecated PhoneGapDelegate - in core plugins.
Removed PhoneGapLibTest project and folder
Updated the app icons, splash-screens, and template icons for the Xcode template to Cordova ones.
Added Battery core plugin to PhoneGap.plist
    Fixed CB-212 - iOS orientation switch broken in 1.4.0

Windows Phone

  Acceleromter fix #CB-141 - InvariantCulture
  Changed default destination to FILE_URI
  Contacts returned from find were not formatted. CB-157
  Audio playback issue CB-142
  Redirect issue trackers to apache
  Wrong slash :: CB-184
  Removed unnecessary navigation blocking for # CB-185
  Added js Connection.CELL for generic cellular connection.
  Fix for single document - multipage layouts
  Added VERSION file to be like other platforms.
  Fixes for loading local XHR using file API, and still using default for remote XHR. responseXML returns document for local files.
  updated phonegap.js to include XHR updates
  Compass API fixes
  1.4.0 version changes

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