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PhoneGap Site gets a Facelift
by Yohei Shimomae | 18 Jul 2012 | PhoneGap Blog, News

We’ve just unveiled some awesome new updates to the PhoneGap site. These updates include improved support for responsive design, an improved sitemap, and a more stable infrastructure.

Responsive Design

We have rethought our site’s user experience and rewrote our stylesheet from the ground up to feature a better responsive design. Every single page should now perform well on desktop, tablet and mobile. If you find a page that isn’t optimal, message me @yoheis!


Based on your feedback and user testing, we’ve improved our sitemap. We’ve put an emphasis on the Developer Portal to give more resources to PhoneGap developers. The Community Portal is the go-to place for those who want to be more involved or get help from other PhoneGap developers. We also spruced up our Apps section to better showcase awesome apps built by the PhoneGap community.

Infrastructure: Moving from Wordpress to Jekyll

The PhoneGap website used to be powered by Wordpress. The site grew so large that Wordpress started to become limiting. We had customized it to the point where some plugins stopped working properly. After some thought, we decided to switch to Jekyll. Jekyll is a Ruby framework that lets you generate static html files from difference sources such as html, markdown, textile and so on. It is fully extendable so you can use any markup you like. No more MySQL database and no more Wordpress WYSIWYG editor that doesn’t render the page quite as you expect.

We hope you enjoy the updated PhoneGap website. We’ll continue to make improvements and appreciate your feedback. Explore it and let us know what you think!

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