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Urban Airship Unveils Updated Integration with Latest Version of PhoneGap
by Urban Airship | 19 Jul 2012 | PhoneGap Blog

Tomorrow at PhoneGap Day, Urban Airship is demonstrating its updated integration with the latest version of PhoneGap that enables developers to easily add the full push messaging capabilities of the world’s most globally deployed platform to their iOS and Android apps. Push messaging done right can double audience engagement and retention, and with Urban Airship’s platform these messages can be targeted using a combination of user preferences, in-app behaviors and location history.

Integration is simple and seamless with drop-in Urban Airship client libraries that can be integrated natively with PhoneGap to use its UI and application logic, or utilized through new Urban Airship Android and iOS plugins. With PhoneGap’s focus on web programming languages to create hybrid mobile apps, Urban Airship’s client libraries are wrapped in a JavaScript API to require as little native code as possible.

For more information on Urban Airship’s integration with PhoneGap, visit

“Having been the first push notification vendor to integrate with PhoneGap and to see its growth, we’re really excited to see how developers will utilize sophisticated and high-performance push messaging,” said Christopher Dean, chief revenue officer, Urban Airship. “PhoneGap supports incredibly nimble development, and we anticipate seeing a lot of innovation and future messaging best practices emerge.”

“It’s great to see platforms like Urban Airship who have matured alongside PhoneGap continue to support our developers, as well as broader industry open source movements,” said Dave Johnson, Senior Engineering Manager, PhoneGap. “Urban Airship offers developers a one-stop shop for powering push notifications in apps.”

About Urban Airship

Urban Airship helps the world’s top brands do great things in mobile. As the most globally deployed service for push notifications, in-app purchases and subscriptions, Urban Airship enables thousands of enterprise organizations to deliver exceptional customer service experiences, build engagement and better monetize mobile app audiences. The company delivers billions of messages per month with unrivalled speed and scale for leading brands such as Accenture, CBS Interactive, Groupon, Macy’s, Soundtracking and WarnerBros. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @urbanairship.

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