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Bit Timer
by Peiter Buick | Added 21 Mar 2012

This app is designed for the no-frills, hard-core workout. This is the first interval timer you’ll see with a set up that is this fast and easy. Your workout should be intense, not your workout set up.

1. Super Simple Set up.
Get to your workout in no time with a clean, simple, no-frills design.

2. Distinct tones that guide you through your workout.
We chose clear, easy-to-distinguish tones for each portion of your workout.

3. Work out to music with out missing a beat.
Music automatically fades, allowing you to hear interval tones.

- Press and Drag to set Work, Rest, and Repeat.
- Work Periods: 5s to 2min. Rest Periods: 0s (no rest) to 2min. Up to 40 repeats.
- 10 second count down allows you to get into place before your workout starts.
- Three distinct sounds to designate where you are in your workout.
- Countdown tone gives warning before Work starts.
- Pause your workout at any time and restart right where you left off.
- Music automatically fades, allowing you to hear interval tones.

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