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Cordova iOS and iOS 8 by Shazron Abdullah | 18 Sep 2014 | PhoneGap Network iOS 8 was just released – and Cordova supports it fully, but it is still using the existing UIWebView iOS browser component (more on the new iOS 8 WKWebView later). The main issues were in the core plugins, which have been updated but the released versions in the Cordova Plugin Registry have not. We are […] Visit Shazron's Blog
Having issues sending a Cordova app to an iOS device? Seeing lldb? by Raymond Camden | 11 Sep 2014 | PhoneGap Network Yesterday I ran into an odd issue with an Ionic demo. I was trying to run it on an iOS device and it kept hanging. After about 5 seconds of hanging, I'd see (lldb) and then nothing else would happen. I switched to using the Cordova CLI and confirmed the same thing happened there. After a bit of Googling, I found myself on the Ionic forums at this thread: Error when doing 'ionic run ios'. Long story short, there is a process, lldb, that is hanging around and blocking access to the device. Use... Visit Raymond's Blog
Quick Tip: Testing Ionic Apps with the PhoneGap Developer App by Holly Schinsky | 08 Sep 2014 | PhoneGap Network The PhoneGap Developer App is a great tool for testing PhoneGap and Cordova apps quickly with no platform SDK setup required on your machine. You just download the PhoneGap App from the app store, run a PhoneGap CLI command from your machine to serve up the application you want to test on any iOS, Android […] Visit Holly's Blog
RSS Reader Cordova demo updated with Ionic by Raymond Camden | 05 Sep 2014 | PhoneGap Network A few years back I wrote a series of blog entries (linked to at the bottom) that discussed building a simple RSS reader application with PhoneGap/Cordova. The application used two variables, a simple name and RSS url, to drive an application that would grab the RSS feed, make a list, and let you read individual entries in the app. The final version of the app made use of the (non-core at the time) ChildBrowser plugin to let you read the entry on the site itself. (This was especially useful... Visit Raymond's Blog
New Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.3 with Cordova 3.5 Support by Christophe Coenraets | 04 Sep 2014 | PhoneGap Network The Salesforce Mobile SDK allows developers to easily build Native (iOS and Android) and Hybrid (Cordova-based) applications on top of the Salesforce platform. Version 2.3 was released last week, and you can find the list of new and improved features in the official announcement blog post. My own favorite new feature is Cordova 3.5 support […] Visit Christophe's Blog
PhoneGap Developer App 1.3.0 by Michael Brooks | 02 Sep 2014 | PhoneGap Blog, App, News, Android, iOS, Windows Phone We hope all of our Canadian and Americian friends had a great long weekend! To help kick off the new week, we’re releasing the PhoneGap Developer App 1.3.0!What’s NewUpdated to Android@3.5.1This addresses three Android security vulnerabilities that were fixed by Apache Cordova.Added support for older CLI versionsThis will help to fix the 404 error on /register when using an outdated PhoneGap CLI.Added support for Adobe Mobile AnalyticsWhile this is not directly benefical to you, it’ll... Read more...
PhoneGap Day EU Sept 26 in Berlin by Brian LeRoux | 25 Aug 2014 | PhoneGap Blog, News Hey everyone! It’s that time again: PhoneGap Day EU! This year we’ve moved the event to Berlin on September 26. PhoneGap has grown significantly these past years with many thousands of developers publishing apps on all the stores.We’d like to invite you to join us and share in the community experiences, learn best practices from each other, and sample fine German beer!!!At the event you will: Attend an entire day of workshops covering every aspect of developing apps using PhoneGap Learn... Read more...
Keeping Up with the Latest in Mobile Web News by Holly Schinsky | 20 Aug 2014 | PhoneGap Network I’ve been collaborating on a side effort recently and wanted to take a moment to blog about it today as I believe this audience will find it particularly useful if not yet aware. The collaboration is with Brian Rinaldi and Peter Cooper (publisher behind the popular Cooper Press, well known for newsletters like HTML5 Weekly […] Visit Holly's Blog
Ionic releases an easier path to Cordova / Android development by Raymond Camden | 19 Aug 2014 | PhoneGap Network I promise - I'm not turning into a complete Ionic fan boy, but if you want to call me an unofficial evangelist for them (especially since I don't do that for Adobe anymore), I certainly won't mind. This weekend I was working on the book I'm writing covering Cordova, and as part of that process I worked through the complete setup for doing Cordova development with Android. Most of the time I use iOS but for the book I wanted a platform anyone could use. In fact, I specifically did my testing... Visit Raymond's Blog
PhoneGap/Cordova Example - Getting File Metadata (and an update to the FAQ) by Raymond Camden | 18 Aug 2014 | PhoneGap Network I decided to move my PhoneGap/Cordova FileSystem FAQ from a Google Doc to my Cordova Examples repository. I figured this would make it a bit easier for folks to edit and simpler for me to commit those changes. You can find the FAQ here: PhoneGap Cordova File System FAQ In doing so I decided to quickly knock out one of the questions - how to get metadata about files. This is rather trivial, so my demo app is rather trivial, but hopefully it will help folks. The basic gist is - once you... Visit Raymond's Blog