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Announcing Apache Cordova support for Windows Phone 8
by Jesse MacFadyen | 30 Oct 2012 | PhoneGap Blog, Windows Phone

It’s been a busy morning here at the //build conference in Redmond, just piecing it all together now

Over the last month and half or so, we have been quietly working away on bringing Windows Phone 8 support to Apache Cordova. The SDK has been in private beta, so we had to fly under the radar, but I am proud to say we can finally talk about it!

The majority of the effort has been done by Sergei Grebnov with tech support from the MSOpenTech team.

Expect to see the repos landing in GitHub and Apache shortly. It doesn’t look like it will be included as part of the 2.2.0 download, for release today or tomorrow, but I am trying to make that happen. Downloading the public SDK right now

More from the MSOpenTech folk here:

Originally posted on Jesse’s MacFadyen’s blog

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