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Cordova.js: JavaScript is Magic from PhoneGap Day EU 2012
by Colene Chow | 31 Oct 2012 | PhoneGap Blog, Video, PhoneGap Day

Thank you to everyone who attended PhoneGap Day EU and made it such a huge success. Here's the next video in our series.

Gord Tanner talks about Ripple, a mobile device emulator for your desktop, that can be installed as a Chrome extension. Ripple was developed by tinyHippos, a company which was acquired by RIM in 2011. RIM uses Ripple as an emulation environment in the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK, but they've also extended Ripple to support PhoneGap's JavaScript environment along with other JavaScript platforms.

Learn more by watching the recording from PhoneGap Day EU below and view Gord's slides!

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