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PhoneGap 2.7.0 now on Build
by | 21 May 2013 | PhoneGap Build Blog

Great news, we’ve pushed 2.7.0 support to PhoneGap Build! With this release we’re deprecating anything less than PhoneGap 2.0.0. Check out the blog post where ‘we told you so’ for more info on why.

For details on what’s changed in PhoneGap 2.7.0:

We highly recommend upgrading so you can take advantage of all of the bug fixes and performance enhancements that the Cordova team has been hard at work on – but also so the PhoneGap Build team can focus on support for the latest and greatest.

If you have trouble with your upgrade (or anything else PhoneGap Build related), hit us up for some support. Upgrade. Do it!

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