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PhoneGap-Plugin-Push Version 1.2.0 Released! by Simon MacDonald | 25 Aug 2015 | PhoneGap Network The latest release of the PushPlugin is now available on npm. This release focuses on bringing a number of enhancements to Android notifications.Fear not fans of other platforms as subsequent releases will have more features for your OS of choice. In fact release 1.3.0 will center around iOS9 support.Picture NotificationsEmbed a large picture in your notification. You let the plugin know you want to display a picture by setting the style of the push to picture and then giving it... Visit Simon's Blog
PhoneGap-Plugin-Push Version 1.1.1 Released! by Simon MacDonald | 27 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network Back during PhoneGap Day EU 2015 I announced our new PushPlugin with it's normalized API and a promise of continued support. With the release of the 1.1.1 version of the plugin we continue to fulfill that promise with some new features and bug fixes.The most exciting new feature in this release is official support for the Windows platform! This is thanks to the wonderful team at Microsoft who contributed to the plugin to make it happen. Special thanks to Raghav Katyal and Nikhi... Visit Simon's Blog
SauceDB – Building the back end with IBM Bluemix by Raymond Camden | 20 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network Welcome to another post detailing my efforts to build an Ionic-based mobile app backed by Node.js and Cloudant on IBM Bluemix. In my last post, I focused on the front end of the application. I talked about the various screens I built and how my service layer used mock data to generate data. In today’s […] Visit Raymond's Blog
SauceDB – Working on the front end by Raymond Camden | 15 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network Yesterday I blogged about a new project I’m building to demonstrate both Ionic and IBM Bluemix. I’ve made some progress on the project so I thought I’d share what I’ve built so far. My thinking is that as this project goes on I’ll continue to share these updates so folks can see how I approach […] Visit Raymond's Blog
FYI – Cordova events must be run after deviceReady by Raymond Camden | 15 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network In all of my work on various Cordova projects, I’ve only rarely needed to make use of the various events supported by the platform. Last night I needed to add some code to handle the back button. The docs clearly tell you to register your handler after deviceReady has fired: To override the default back-button […] Visit Raymond's Blog
New Demo Project: SauceDB by Raymond Camden | 14 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network Today I’m kicking off a new project for the purposes of demonstrating Ionic and IBM Bluemix. While I’m not sure I’ll actually release this application (I’m building something I actually want, so I kinda want to), my intent here is to build a full application demonstrating multiple facets of Ionic with Bluemix handling the back […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Combining client-side social login and server-side authorization with Cordova and Node by Raymond Camden | 10 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network I believe this wins the title for the longest blog title ever. So what in the hell am I talking about? It isn’t too difficult to add a social login aspect to your Apache Cordova application. I’ve used a variety of plugins/libraries in the past and for the most part – it just plain works. […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Using Angular and a Content Security Policy? Watch out for this… by Raymond Camden | 03 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network I’ve been working on a Cordova app that uses AngularJS. It has been working fine for a while now but I needed to do a bit of cleanup. After I pushed up my changes, my client noticed something odd. We have a button that only shows up under certain situations. Basically, if some scope variable […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Ionic Push example supporting State Changes by Raymond Camden | 02 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network Please note that I’m writing this blog post while Ionic Push is still in Alpha. Everything I discuss here may change before 1.0 is released. Use the following code with caution. One of the more interesting features of Ionic’s Push feature is the ability to recognize a push message with state data. You can craft […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Working with Ionic, Box, and IBM MobileFirst by Raymond Camden | 24 Jun 2015 | PhoneGap Network Earlier today IBM announced a new partnership with Box. Box is a cloud storage provider much like Dropbox, OneDrive, and other services, but also provides some pretty cool workflow features as well. While it is still early, you’ll soon see some interesting collaborations between IBM and Box. I decided to see how easy it would […] Visit Raymond's Blog