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Using Angular and a Content Security Policy? Watch out for this… by Raymond Camden | 03 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network I’ve been working on a Cordova app that uses AngularJS. It has been working fine for a while now but I needed to do a bit of cleanup. After I pushed up my changes, my client noticed something odd. We have a button that only shows up under certain situations. Basically, if some scope variable […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Ionic Push example supporting State Changes by Raymond Camden | 02 Jul 2015 | PhoneGap Network Please note that I’m writing this blog post while Ionic Push is still in Alpha. Everything I discuss here may change before 1.0 is released. Use the following code with caution. One of the more interesting features of Ionic’s Push feature is the ability to recognize a push message with state data. You can craft […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Working with Ionic, Box, and IBM MobileFirst by Raymond Camden | 24 Jun 2015 | PhoneGap Network Earlier today IBM announced a new partnership with Box. Box is a cloud storage provider much like Dropbox, OneDrive, and other services, but also provides some pretty cool workflow features as well. While it is still early, you’ll soon see some interesting collaborations between IBM and Box. I decided to see how easy it would […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Including Plugins with Cordova Command Line Interface 5 by Simon MacDonald | 19 Jun 2015 | PhoneGap Network You may have noticed that things have changed up a bit as of Cordova CLI 5.0.0 release. Specifically, we are now encouraging the the use of <plugin> tags in your config.xml file over the previously used <feature> tags.You may be wondering why you should use the <plugin> tag. The main reason is that when you use the <plugin> tag it will fetch and install the plugin for you during the cordova prepare phase of building your project.So if you have the... Visit Simon's Blog
Video of PhoneGap Day EU 2015 - Push N' Pull Presentation by Simon MacDonald | 10 Jun 2015 | PhoneGap Network The video for my Push N' Pull presentation is now available.If you want to get a copy of the slides please check out my previous post. Visit Simon's Blog
Using Cloud Code, Mobile Application Security, Node.js and Bluemix by Raymond Camden | 09 Jun 2015 | PhoneGap Network So, first off, forgive the somewhat long, rambly title. I’m working on a new project that involves quite a few moving parts – many of which are new to me. I ran into some trouble along the way (well, a lot of trouble), and this morning I finally broke through and got things working. I […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Cordova Sample: Capture and Display Video by Raymond Camden | 05 Jun 2015 | PhoneGap Network Just a quickie – a user on Stackoverflow asked how to both capture video and display it in the app. This is fairly easy with the Media Capture API so I thought I’d whip up a quick demo. First, I created an HTML page with a button and an empty div to hold the video […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Important information about Cordova 5 by Raymond Camden | 25 May 2015 | PhoneGap Network In the most recent update to Apache Cordova, there was a rather important change that could really confuse you if you aren’t paying attention. This is exactly the type of thing that I would have warned my readers about, but I mistakenly thought it would not impact most users. I’ll explain later why I screwed […] Visit Raymond's Blog
Getting initial console messages you missed with remote debug by Raymond Camden | 21 May 2015 | PhoneGap Network This falls in the “I’m sure it is obvious and no one will find it useful” category, but typically those are the posts that end up being useful so here goes nothing. Imagine you are using remote debugging (and if you don’t know how, here are two articles – Part One and Part Two) and […] Visit Raymond's Blog
PhoneGap Day EU 2015 - Push N' Pull by Simon MacDonald | 19 May 2015 | PhoneGap Network Yesterday, I was happy to present at PhoneGap Day EU in Amsterdam. It's one of my favourite days of the year. Besides getting to hang out with all of my co-workers who I rarely get to see in person as we are separated by half a continent I get to talk in person with the people who use our software.At PG Day I was presenting on the work that we've been doing in order to make the lives of developers easier. My presentation introduces the new and improved Push Plugin as well as the... Visit Simon's Blog