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Push Notifications Sample App with Ionic and ngCordova by Holly Schinsky | 16 Dec 2014 | PhoneGap Network I created a new sample push notification app recently to highlight some new changes in iOS 8 and show an example of implementing them with a currently popular stack of frameworks available to build hybrid mobile apps quickly. The sample app is built using Ionic with ngCordova to take advantage of the Cordova PushPlugin wrapper […] Visit Holly's Blog
Animated Page Transitions with React.js by Christophe Coenraets | 15 Dec 2014 | PhoneGap Network After exploring React in my previous post, I started experimenting with ways to implement animated page transitions in mobile web and Cordova-based apps. ReactCSSTransitionGroup provides the basic infrastructure for CSS-based animations. But after a few promising experiments, I ran into this problem. I also wasn’t sure this approach would give me enough control to implement […] Visit Christophe's Blog
Strategies for Managing App Versions & Updates With IBM MobileFirst Foundation (aka Worklight) by Andrew Trice | 03 Dec 2014 | PhoneGap Network IBM MobileFirst Foundation provides two mechanisms to manage app versions and updates.  Neither requiring you to write any additional code! The first is app versioning; MobileFirst Foundation tracks each version of an app that you deploy, and gives you the ability govern or restrict access to specific platforms and versions. App versioning applies to all apps, native or hybrid, on […] Visit Andrew's Blog
VideoPlayer Plugin Updated for Cordova/PhoneGap 3.x and Above by Simon MacDonald | 02 Dec 2014 | PhoneGap Network Happily, I'm getting the chance to go back and visit some of my older plugins. I've just updated the VideoPlayer plugin so you can install it via the command line tools. To install via the command line just do:cordova plugin add more information on how the plugin works check out my old post on the topic. Visit Simon's Blog
Sample Mobile Application with React and Cordova by Christophe Coenraets | 02 Dec 2014 | PhoneGap Network I recently spent some time playing with React, Facebook’s JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. The term “UI Framework” means different things to different people: In the case of React, it’s a framework that makes it easy to build and compose UI components; it is not a library of out-of-the-box UI components. Some key characteristics […] Visit Christophe's Blog
Early Access to My Next Book - Apache Cordova in Action by Raymond Camden | 25 Nov 2014 | PhoneGap Network Hey - guess what? I'm working on a book. This time the publisher is Manning, and one of the cool things they do is allow early access to a book. You basically pay for it while it is being developed and you can provide feedback to help improve the text. Obviously you get corrected/new chapters as they come out as well. If this is appealing to you, you can head over to the book page now. "Apache Cordova in Action" will help readers learn how to use Apache Cordova. As you know, I'm an avid user... Visit Raymond's Blog
Determining installed plugins at runtime for Cordova and PhoneGap applications by Raymond Camden | 19 Nov 2014 | PhoneGap Network Earlier today on Twitter a user asked an interesting question: How can I tell - via JavaScript - if a particular plugin is installed in a Cordova/PhoneGap application. I responded by asking how you wouldn't know since it is your own app, but then he mentioned that his code base was stand alone and would be used within other projects. (So basically - just JavaScript code that other Cordova/PhoneGap applications would use.) There are a couple of different ways to handle this. The first, and... Visit Raymond's Blog
Cordova's copy-from tip by Raymond Camden | 14 Nov 2014 | PhoneGap Network Yesterday I was proof-reading a blog post about an update to the PhoneGap CLI (which you should read - PhoneGap CLI 3.6.3) and I discovered something interesting. For a while now the Cordova CLI has had the ability to create a new project based on another. This is great because the default Cordova/PhoneGap application annoys the heck out of me. You can see this feature by typing cordova help create. Here is how the feature is documented: --copy-from|src= ... use custom www assets instead... Visit Raymond's Blog
PhoneGap CLI 3.6.3 Released with Significant Updates by Holly Schinsky | 14 Nov 2014 | PhoneGap Network The PhoneGap CLI has undergone some significant changes recently to realign better with Cordova and a new version 3.6.3 has just been released. These changes will help to alleviate previous deviations between the two. Some of these updates are behind the scenes and will not necessarily be apparent to developers but will allow new features […] Visit Holly's Blog
Good post on Cordova, PhoneGap, and versioning by Raymond Camden | 10 Nov 2014 | PhoneGap Network This is from last week but it is still pretty important. Holly Schinsky wrote an excellent article about versioning and Cordova/PhoneGap. Things have gotten slightly more complex in this area and I strongly recommend reading her blog post. She really clears things up. Cordova/PhoneGap Version Confusion Visit Raymond's Blog