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Install PhoneGap


To Install, ensure that you have NodeJS installed, then open your command-line and run the following:

OS X and Linux:

$ sudo npm install -g phonegap


C:\> npm install -g phonegap

Once installation completes, you can invoke phonegap on command line for further help.

Apache Cordova has released 3.1.0. As PhoneGap is based upon the open source project Apache Cordova, the PhoneGap team is hard at work upgrading the PhoneGap CLI to 3.1.0 and will have a release shortly. In the meantime, you can innstall Cordova 3.1 with the following command:

$ sudo npm install -g cordova

Read more on how to use the Cordova CLI.

Learn more about Apache Cordova’s relationship to PhoneGap by reading Brian LeRoux’s blog post PhoneGap, Cordova, and what’s in a name?


$ phonegap create my-app
$ cd my-app
$ phonegap run android

Learn more at

Looking for an easier way to get started? Try the new PhoneGap Desktop App (in beta)!