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Ever wondered who is building amazing apps using PhoneGap?


by We Make Awesome Sh | Added 10 Jun 2015

During our second alpine company meeting, we were looking for ski apps to use on the mountain. After downloading and testing a few of the ‘top apps’, we discovered some major flaws and omissions. These apps only really tracked speed, distance and calories and although some apps give you other useful data such as resort information and weather there was a serious lack of design and fun. Constantly competing to beat yours and your friends’ top speeds is not only challenging (most people can only hit a certain top speed and can rarely exceed it, particularly on a weeks’ ski trip) but it is also dangerous. It’s not about pushing yourself to the point of losing control, it’s about riding the mountain in perfect control, and having fun while doing it. For us, being on the mountain with your mates was more about having fun. So that’s what we made snowbuddy all about.

We used PhoneGap for snowbuddy as we wanted to develop the application quickly and have it on both Android & iOS. As it was originally for internal use, speed of development was crucial to us as well as cross platform support. For this, we believe PhoneGap was the best solution for us to use. We are really happy with how the app has turned out, and especially how well it performs on iOS. We’ve even had some developers question whether we were using Swift or Objective-C for it… Well no, we are using PhoneGap, but we do have some custom native plugins that we’ve used, both open source and ones we have made ourselves. We decided that other people might also enjoy using snowbuddy, so we released it to the public.