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PhoneGap and the Apple developer license agreement.

Note: Yesterday I made a quick update to a previous blog post. I will go into a little more depth here as some folks mis-understood that this was a new topic because it was part of the older post.

Recent changes to the Apple iPhone SDK developer license agreement have been a hot topic over the last week. There has been much speculation over how far reaching the 3.3.1 clause of the agreement is, not to mention the business strategy behind it. I will not join that conversation, but I will speak of what I have learned with regards to the impact on PhoneGap (iPhone/iPad).

Through email discussions with Apple, I specifically asked what, if any, impact did this have on present/future applications submitted to the App store that were built using PhoneGap. In no uncertain terms, my contacts at Apple have assured me that “PhoneGap is not in violation of the 3.3.1 clause of the license agreement.”

How this affects other tool-chains like Appcelerator, Flash CS5, Corona, MonoTouch, … I have absolutely no idea. All I can say is that PhoneGap is okay.

I will post updated information if I receive it, I have done a few other things to test the waters. Yesterday I submitted my iPhone PhoneGap Tutorial application to the App Store, I will post info here when/if it is approved ( although it may be rejecting for offering insufficient functionality, as it is a tutorial ).

The tutorial source code is available here:

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