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Hot Multi-User Action!

Admin Dev Tester etc

You’ve probably seen these icons popping up on Build over the past week or so. We’ve just rolled out multi-user support, so you can easily add new users to your projects for development or testing. It’s super easy to get started - just click on the app you want to share, hit Edit in the top-right, and then click add this person to choose whoever you want:

Adding Steve

Well you probably don’t need to add that guy…

Once you add someone, they receive an email right away - if they already have an account on Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build, they can sign in right away and access your app. If not, we send them a beta code and an invite, and, as soon as they create an account, your app shows up on their app list.

Testers can download apps; devs can change the code, rebuild the app, and do anything short of deleting the app. You can of course revoke people’s access to your app, or change them from devs to testers, as you see fit.

Give it a shot, and let us know how it works!