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PhoneGap Facebook Platform Plugin Simplifies Log In for Mobile Users

We’re proud to announce the launch of a new PhoneGap Facebook Platform plugin! This plugin makes it easy for any PhoneGap developer to add Facebook’s single sign-on functionality to their mobile apps. Plus, single sign-on functionality improves the experience for end users. With more than 250 million people accessing Facebook on their phones each month, this is sure to be a popular plugin.

What’s the deal? As you know, Facebook’s single sign-on functionality lets users log in to a web page or mobile app using their Facebook login credentials. The Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK) uses the OAuth 2.0 standard, which doesn’t always translate easily for PhoneGap apps built with HTML and JavaScript.

What’s our solution? The new PhoneGap Facebook platform plugin uses the same application programming interface (API) as Facebook’s Javascript SDK, but works with the native Facebook application installed on many iOS and Android smartphones. Because users are typically already logged in to Facebook on their mobile devices, the plugin enables PhoneGap apps to skip the Facebook log in popup that asks for a username and password. Plus, it’s super easy to implement: Wrap your web app in PhoneGap and this plugin, add one line of code, and single sign-on automagically works!

This latest plugin is in line with our commitment to user experience but a special shout out goes to the PhoneGap community whose enthusiasm for plugins is an inspiration.

To download the Facebook Plugin for a PhoneGap app, visit Github.

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