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New Strobe Platform plays nicely with PhoneGap

Congratulations to Strobe on its recent launch! Strobe is a new app platform and delivery network that helps developers build HTML5-based Web applications for desktops, smartphones and tablets, while centrally managing them from a single interface. The best part? Strobe has PhoneGap Build integration built in, which allows users to build for iOS, Android, BB, Symbian, and webOS without having to download all the necessary SDK’s and IDE’s.

Some highlights from Strobe:

  • a single interface from which to manage apps deployed to various devices
  • teams can easily manage code (both test code and production code)
  • developers can configure the app’s deployment across platforms (Web, Android, iOS, etc.), thanks to PhoneGap Build integration
  • you can add additional services (social, push notifications, authentication, etc.)
  • track analytics within an easy-to-use dashboard

Besides PhoneGap, Strobe also utilizes SproutCore, an open source JavaScript framework that allows developers to create web applications with a user experience comparable to that of desktop applications. All in all, this is good news for developers as Strobe’s goal is to push a single experience across multiple platforms and devices.

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