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PhoneGap Build moves to Open Beta

Last November, we launched PhoneGap Build, a new service built on top of PhoneGap. PhoneGap Build takes the pain out of compiling mobile apps across multiple platforms. You simply write your app using HTML, CSS or JavaScript, upload it to the PhoneGap Build service, and get back app-store ready apps for Apple iOS, Google Android, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry and more.

Today we’re happy to announce that we’re moving PhoneGap Build out of private Beta and opening it up. We’re also working on a pricing plan and would love your feedback:

PhoneGap Build Pricing

There’s always a free option for software developers: PhoneGap Build can be used absolutely free for one private app and an unlimited number of open source apps. Use the service for free and you’ll see how awesome it is.

What do you think of the new plan?  Let us know in the comments below. We’ll be unrolling this officially very soon, so stay tuned!