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PhoneGap Build: Pricing Plans Update

A couple of weeks ago, when we moved PhoneGap Build into public beta, we announced some preliminary pricing plans for the service. We received a lot of great feedback, via email, on our blog, and through Get Satisfaction, and we’ve updated the plans to reflect that feedback.

The biggest change we’ve made is to remove the build limits from the plans. Sometimes, during active development, you’ll be doing dozens of builds a day, particularly if you’re targeting multiple platforms. The last thing we want is for our plans to get in the way of reasonable usage of the site, or discourage anyone from using PhoneGap Build.

If you plan to send a few thousand builds our way every day - for example, if you’re building a service on top of PhoneGap Build using our API, and need additional capacity - then these plans won’t be a good fit. If you, or a service you’re developing, will use PhoneGap Build significantly more than a normal user of the site would, you’ll want to speak to us directly about finding the right solution.

We’ve also changed our vocabulary a bit, to make the functionality clearer:

  • We’re labelling your unlimited free apps as public, rather than open source. This gives a better sense of what we mean - you can create unlimited apps that are publicly accessible through PhoneGap Build, and a set number that are only accessible by you, and your private collaborators. Public apps will be available on the PhoneGap Build beta in the next couple of weeks.
  • There is a limit on private collaborators per plan, not users. The apps you build can be distributed to as many end users, or collaborators on your team, as you wish; however, there is a limit on how many users can access your private apps through PhoneGap Build.

Please note that none of this will change any existing apps or accounts on the PhoneGap Build beta - all of the apps you’ve built so far will remain private, and we won’t kick out any collaborators who have worked on your account. We’re very grateful for all of our beta users, and hope you all keep using the service.

Hopefully that clarifies our plans - we don’t want to prevent anybody from building or distributing their apps, nor do want to enforce any licensing terms on the apps you build. Of course, before we charge you any money, we’ll have our full terms of service available to make clear that you retain your rights over your software.

Thanks again, and please let us know what you think.