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FeedHenry leverages PhoneGap to Simplify App Development for Enterprise Clients

At FeedHenry, the PhoneGap open-source framework is an integral part of our AppStudio in our cloud-based Mobile Application Platform. AppStudio allows developers to build enterprise-grade apps in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and deploy them to multiple platforms. This makes app development accessible to a broader base of software developers whilst offering our enterprise clients a more cost-effective and simpler solution and overcoming the barriers that mobile OS fragmentation poses.

Example: Guinness Storehouse App

PhoneGap’s open source framework was the perfect fit for FeedHenry, aligning perfectly with our strategy and inspiring us to provide a service to build native mobile apps for multiple mobile devices…all in the cloud. Developers can create powerful apps using the FeedHenry AppStudio by accessing native device features of iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and RIM mobile devices thanks to PhoneGap’s cross-platform APIs. Integrating PhoneGap into our solution has also made it possible for us to easily extend the standard APIs to provide customized client-side solutions to our business clients and partners. All PhoneGap APIs co-exist with FeedHenry APIs, enriching our developer solution.

For us, PhoneGap provides the right client-side solution for our products. It’s easier for us to extend, update and maintain it. For our business customers, PhoneGap allows them avail of more accessible app development skills (HTML5, Javascript, CSS) and deploy to multiple mobiles devices from a single code base, thereby reducing the cost and time to develop mobile apps.

Example: Riverdance App

Recognizing that security, scalability and affordability are key concerns for CIOs executing mobile app strategies, the FeedHenry solution is built on the principles of Simple, Secure and Scalable. Our AppStudio makes app development and deployment “simple”, following the same philosophy as PhoneGap i.e. build once, wrap and deploy to multiple platforms – all open source and powered from the cloud. Thanks to our energetic and forward-looking team, we can offer businesses, partners and developers a complete solution on a single cloud platform. Besides app development, build farm and deployment, the FeedHenry platform also supports secure integration with backend systems (our backend-as-a-service), enterprise app store distribution (our App Manager) and full app lifecycle management and reporting (our App Analytics).

FeedHenry chose PhoneGap for multiple reasons. It’s hard to ignore the fact that the days of big projects and long implementations are over so our technology strategy and vision has been based on open, flexible and collaborative development, powered from the cloud. PhoneGap is built on a similar foundation, supporting the widest range of mobile devices, committed to open-source projects, and enabling development using standard web technologies. The enormous developer community that PhoneGap has attracted is a testimony to their success and offers all the benefits of developer collaboration and contributions. No wonder, Adobe picked Nitobi/PhoneGap for their recent acquisition.

Thanks to the PhoneGap community for a great framework that provides significant benefits for FeedHenry’s developers, enterprise customers and partners.

-Wei Li, FeedHenry A senior software engineer at FeedHenry, Wei is responsible for integrating PhoneGap into FeedHenry’s mobile solutions and implementing FeedHenry’s own app building feature. A real guru in web technologies, especially HTML5, Wei is passionate about building great mobile web apps.