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Public Pages

We’re happy to announce that public pages are now available for your apps on PhoneGap Build - any app you build on our site can now be easily distributed to clients, friends, enemies, or whoever, just through the power of the internet.

To make an existing app public, just make the change on your app edit page and hit save:

Make Public

You can also make choose whether an app should be public when creating it:

Create Public

For an example of an existing public app, you can see Hardeep’s jQuery Mobile Kitchen Sink demo.

In the coming months we’ll allow you to edit and customize your public pages, to make a better destination for users of your app.

A couple other things to note:

  • for platforms with provisioning restrictions (chiefly iOS), only users with appropriately provisioned devices will be able to install your apps. For example, most people reading this won’t be able to install Hardeep’s app on an iOS device
  • apps will be public by default once our pricing plans are available - more details about that are available. Any apps you’ve created during our beta period will remain private, unless you choose otherwise

Let us know on Get Satisfaction if you have any questions - have fun!