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Where to find us in November

We’re nearing the end of the year but we still have time to squeeze in some road trips! We’ll be at the following conferences and events in November:

November 5 - W3C Offline Apps Workshop (Redwood City) Fil Maj & Michael Brooks will be speaking on “Widget Packaging and XML Configuration use in PhoneGap Hybrid Mobile Applications”. Read their position paper.

November 14-18 - Devoxx (Antwerp) Brian LeRoux will be speaking on “PhoneGap for Hybrid App Development”. Follow the conference on Twitter: @devoxx or #devoxx.

November 17 - QCon (SF) Dave Johnson will be speaking on “Hybrid Mobile Applications using PhoneGap”. Follow the conference on Twitter: @qcon or #QConSF.

Check our events calendar to see more events and tweet us if you want to meet up!