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PhoneGap for Windows Phone: Getting Started

Yesterday, we announced the release of PhoneGap 1.3.0. This early holiday present included many improvements, new features and bug fixes across many platforms.

One of the most exciting parts of PhoneGap 1.3 is the full support of Windows Phone, including the full PhoneGap API and Windows Phone Getting Started Guide. Developers can also enjoy a selection of PhoneGap plug-ins that support social networks - including Facebook, LinkedIn, Windows Live and Twitter - and a solid integration into Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone.

“Building apps for Windows Phone requires the use of Visual Studio, and early on we chose to use C# as the development language for all native functionality,” said Jesse MacFadyen, one of PhoneGap’s core developers and main lead on bringing PhoneGap to Windows Phone. “Visual Studio is a very capable tool and the out of the box templates it gives you to make a Windows Phone app are very well documented, easy to understand, and a great help in getting started.”

Read more about Jesse’s experience on his blog and check out his two PhoneGap for Windows Phone videos below.

Part 1: Learn how to get up and running with PhoneGap 1.3.0 on Windows Phone:

Part 2: Get a deeper dive into PhoneGap 1.3 for Windows Phone

Learn more about Getting Started with PhoneGap for Windows Phone. Read Jesse’s blog.