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Install iOS Apps Directly

A small but much-demanded new feature for our iOS users to announce - you can now install Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build directly on your iOS devices, without syncing through iTunes or XCode!

Remote Installing

Just launch your favorite QR code reader app, point your device at your app’s code, and follow the link. You’ll see a prompt for your app like the one in the image. You can also log into PhoneGap Build on your phone and hit the link directly; or navigate to a public page and hit the link from there.

Please note the usual caveats for iOS builds apply: most pertintently, that only devices listed under your app’s provisioning profile can install your app.

Also, we’ve just pushed this feature - if your older app still tries to download the IPA file, jsut hit rebuild and wait a minute for it to regenerate.

Have fun!