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PhoneGap's new Device Wall

The Device Wall was born from a simple question: How can we create a test lab for past, current, and future mobile device technology?

From this question sprang the Device Wall. Its physical platform provides Adobe’s Vancouver office an armature to archive phones, tablets and hybrid mobile devices that come in for testing. It creates a dynamic testing site within the office space where, through its back-end infrastructure, up to 100 devices are simultaneously synced, charged, and tested directly on the wall. The Device Wall creates a unique lab space in the office where Adobe’s software developers can now test their cross-platform technologies in front of clients, guests or colleagues.

The device wall itself - a soft, wool felt volume - provides the antidote to the hard, plastic world of mobile technology. Devices are held in place by a purposefully physical system of reconfigurable wood cams, which engage along a flexible grid system and are held in place by a unique spring loaded, magnetic mechanism - specially designed and crafted for the Device Wall. This system allows an-sized device to be placed on the wall without interfering with their native designs or charging ports.

Saturated with devices, the wall becomes a crucible of digital history and technological innovation, at once displaying the past, the present, and future of mobile technology.

Credits: Design and Fabrication: Chad Manley with Daniel Irvine and Michael Lis