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PhoneGap Build welcomes Windows Phone 7

The PhoneGap Build team is proud to introduce Windows Phone 7 as the latest addition to our platform lineup! With the addition of Windows Phone 7, developers are now able to reach a new and rapidly growing market.

Haven’t heard of PhoneGap Build? PhoneGap Build is a service that allows developers to compile PhoneGap projects in the cloud. Instead of configuring environments and installing platform specific tools, PhoneGap Build allows developers to focus on writing apps. Simply upload your project assets to Build and boom! you have distribution-ready apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOs, and Symbian. From there it’s as simple as uploading your new packages to the various app stores.

After working with Microsoft to bring PhoneGap to WP7 last year, we’re excited to see it finally join PhoneGap Build!

Go check out our PhoneGap Build Service and sign up for our open public beta! You can also read more about WP7 on PhoneGap build on the PhoneGap Build blog.