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Enhanced Icon and Splash Support

We’ve recently had a lot of discussion with users about icons and splash screens and how they make their way into apps. After some feeback we’ve revamped our icon and splash screen handling to provide a more consistent and expressive interface.

Please note that you may need to update your config.xml file to continue having icon and splash support.

Previously, we filtered icons and splash screen based on height and width properties provided in the config.xml file. However, we found that this method was error-prone, inconsistent, and confusing. caused confusion, inconsistency, and was error prone.

We now support some new attributes on icon and splash screen tags, that correspond to how these images are used in the generated apps. These attributes are:

  • gap:platform
  • gap:density
  • gap:role
  • gap:state

For more infomation on how to use these new attributes have a look at our updated config.xml documentation:

Icons using a config.xml

Splash screens using a config.xml

We also have a sample application you can try, that defines icon and splash screen configuration for almost every platform:

Icon/Splash Demo App

Once again, these changes are not backwards-compatible with our previous interface. Please update your config.xml accordingly.

If you have any questions or comments about these changes, feel free to ask them on our community support page