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Register and sign in with AdobeID and Github

Good news, folks - you can now register for Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build using your AdobeID or Github account.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Just head to the PhoneGap Build registration page.

Registration via an AdobeID happens directly on PhoneGap Build. You’ll have the option to sign in with your existing AdobeID or create one.

Registeration via Github is managed via their Oauth flow. All you have to do is sign in and grant PhoneGap Build access. If you have multiple emails associated with your account, PhoneGap Build will ask you which one to use for email notifications and updates. Of course, you can change that at any point from your account settings.

Every PhoneGap Build user is able to link one AdobeID and one Github account.

I’m already a PhoneGap Build user - do I have to do anything?

Nope. If you already had a PhoneGap Build account before today’s update, nothing needs to change. We have no current plans to phase out support for your legacy credentials. However, you are absolutely welcome and encouraged to link your Github account or AdobeID from your account settings. You’ll then be able to sign in to Build using your legacy credentials, AdobeID or Github.

I don’t have an AdobeID or a Github account - what should I do?

Get one! Or get both!

An AdobeID gives you access to other great products such as Creative Cloud and Typekit. As mentioned, you’ll be able to create your AdobeID directly on PhoneGap Build; it’s incredibly painless.

Github is a great service, too, and PhoneGap Build let’s you pull from a Github repository to build your apps. You can even pull from a private git repo.

Sounds good to me.

Excellent. If you encounter any problems or have any feedback, be sure to get at us.