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Appliness features PhoneGap

Appliness is the first digital magazine for web application developers. Their focus is on HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, BackBone, PhoneGap and other related technologies. This interactive magazine is created by developers for developers and has over 10,000 readers.

To celebrate the launch of PhoneGap 2.0, Appliness introduced a dedicated PhoneGap section in their August edition. The special section includes features on:

  • What’s new in PhoneGap 2.0?
  • Getting started with PhoneGap 2.0 - video tutorials in HD by Piotr Walczyszyn
  • Open-source projects with PhoneGap - by Christophe Coenraets and Andrew Trice
  • Fast PhoneGap development with Applaud - by Holly Schinsky
  • Plus, an exclusive interview of Joshfire, an innovative web agency (and PhoneGap experts!) based in Paris. They develop several PhoneGap projects and share their experience using PhoneGap.

The magazine is currently available for iOS and Android tablets for free. There is also a pdf version available for people without tablets. Check out their download page for more information.