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Part 3: PhoneGap Day US Videos

We are releasing the rest of the videos from PhoneGap Day US. Below we have videos from James Burke, Patrick Mueller, Simon MacDonald, Don Coleman, Hardeep Shoker, Andrew Lunny, Michael Brooks, Greg Avola, Dan Silivestru and Brian Leroux. You can view the videos below or by going to our Youtube Page.

James Burke on RequireJS.

Patrick Mueller talks about debugging applications using Weinre.

Simon MacDonald talks about a little side project of his named Corinthian.

Don Coleman does a presentation on PhoneGap plugins.

Andrew Lunny and Hardeep Shoker do a presentation on PhoneGap Build.

Michael Brooks presents on contributing to the Apache Cordova project.

Greg Avola talks about the highly successful PhoneGap application, Untappd.

Dan Silivestru presents about the Ripple emulator.

Brian LeRoux speaks about the next steps for PhoneGap.

You can view all of the available slides from PhoneGap Day US over on Github.

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