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PhoneGap Build is Launched!

Adobe is proud to officially launch PhoneGap Build! The PhoneGap framework allows developers to build native mobile applications using the standard web tech: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With the PhoneGap Build service, you can ease the development process by conveniently uploading assets or referencing a GitHub repo. Then, PhoneGap Build does the job of compiling apps — in the cloud. Quickly and easily get back app-store ready apps for multiple platforms, including: Apple iOS, Google Android, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry and more.

Since launching the PhoneGap Build service in Beta in November 2010, the PhoneGap team has been working hard on this latest update, including implementing new features and updating the PhoneGap Build interface. We’re excited to announce the following new features in PhoneGap Build:

  • Faster debug/build cycle – Hydration is our newest feature on PhoneGap Build which helps developers with:
  • Faster compile times = Faster developer workflow.
  • Updates are pushed directly to the previously installed app.
  • Make it easier to notify testers of new builds.
  • Install Apps Directly – During development, install PhoneGap Build apps directly on your devices. Simply launch your favourite QR code reader app, point your device at your app’s code and follow the link. It even works for iOS!
  • Display sub-views in your app– Official support for the popular ChildBrowser plugin for Android and iOS. The ChildBrowser plugin allows you to display external web pages within your app, in a subview. It is preferable to a regular link in that it allows the user to press a button to dismiss that view, returning control back to your app.

Since announcing our initial pricing plans last Fall, we’ve simplified the plans to give you more private apps and private collaborators, for less! We’ll also continue to give everyone the ability to create unlimited open source apps. \

Interested in trying out PhoneGap Build? There will continue to be a free option for developers. PhoneGap Build can be used absolutely for free for one private app and an unlimited number of open source apps. If you haven’t already, try the service for free and you’ll see how awesome it is.

“We’re excited to release PhoneGap Build out of Beta and to share it with the community,” said Andre Charland, director of product management, Web Platform and Authoring at Adobe. “PhoneGap Build is a powerful tool stacked with features to make mobile app development easier. We couldn’t have done it without our community, especially our beta users.”

We’re also excited to be included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which includes additional Adobe tools to speed up your development such as 2GB of storage and access to new Adobe Edge Tools & Services and more. Get free access to the Creative Cloud with a PhoneGap Build account. Learn more.

“Integrating with PhoneGap Build allowed us to offer a high-end, cost-effective product with Rapid Prototyping Features and, above all, cross-platform development capabilities.” said Elias Politakis, CEO and CTO, mobileFX.