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The PhoneGap Extension for Brackets

This week we announced the official launch of PhoneGap Build — a service that compiles your PhoneGap applications in the cloud, saving you the hassle of installing and maintaining SDKs for every mobile platform you want to target.

There are two ways to submit code to the PhoneGap Build service: the first is by uploading your files, and the second is by pointing your PhoneGap Build project to a GitHub repository.

Whichever way you decide to use PhoneGap Build, we figured you’d want some integration with your code editor so we started working on a PhoneGap Extension for Brackets, an open-source code editor built on top of standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). The PhoneGap Extension for Brackets lets you push the code you’re working on in Brackets to the PhoneGap Build servers, and kick off new builds of your application.

Check out the video to see how the extension works and you can also read about it on the project’s wiki page. It’s free and open source, so feel free to grab the code, try it out, and/or make contributions to the project yourself.