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We’re announcing today that our git hosting service, available at, will be shut-down on December 1 this year, in two months. We will be disabling support for creating new apps linked to in the next couple of weeks - we had removed support from the web interface, but we will also be removing support from our API.

If you’re building private apps, please use either upload a zip file or link your GitHub account. If you have an existing app on that is not backed up locally, please clone the repository before December 1. Please get in touch if you need help with this.

When PhoneGap Build launched in late 2010, we knew that we wanted support for integrating our service with developers’ own version control systems. We initially supported any public subversion or git repository URL.

Of course, if you’re developing an app, you probably don’t want the source repository to be completely public. Our next priority was to allow users to push privately to PhoneGap Build. Inspired by Heroku’s deployment approach, we wanted our users to git push straight to us, where we would build their apps.

Getting a git server up and running is pretty easy. Unfortunately, getting a fault-tolerant, fast, secure, and highly available git server up and running is not so easy, particularly when you’re trying to automate adding users and repositories to said git server. Anyone familiar with our community forums will have seen the threads when our git server has gone down, and users have been unable to update their apps at all. This is not a good enough experience for our users.

Rather than spend more time on this flawed approach, we now support linking your PhoneGap Build account directly to GitHub and connecting your private repos through their API. GitHub are a fantastic company and the best in the world at hosting source code repositories. Your code will be in great hands there.

As git is a distributed version control system, just cloning the repo should be sufficient to get all your data out of the server; but please get in touch if you have any concerns.


The PhoneGap Build team