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Wikitude provides PhoneGap users with augmented reality plugin

Here at Wikitude, we’re constantly striving to deliver the very best in augmented reality experiences. In addition to building and developing the Wikitude app and Architect engine, we’re also app makers ourselves. A count around the office reveals that we have no fewer than 18 Android or iPhone app publishers amongst us. We’re no gurus, but we’re fairly confident that we understand the sometimes frustrating process of building apps.

We’ve been fans of PhoneGap since the Nitobi days, and are proud to introduce an augmented reality plugin in the PhoneGap library.

“By adding the Wikitude plugin you can write AR experiences, embed them in your PhoneGap project and run it on all of the Wikitude SDK’s supported platforms. For the first time in history one can create a fully featured app with advanced augmented reality features, including Image Recognition, using familiar languages such as HTML5 and Javascript,” comments our own Andreas Hauser, Head of Mobile Development.

The availability of Wikitude within PhoneGap requires only a registration and download of the Wikitude SDK. Once the augmented reality portion of the project is completed using Wikitude’s ARchitect language (JavaScript based), it’s simply a matter of making the appropriate call within the app being developed. You’ll only need to ensure lifecycle calls are done when a user exits or resumes using the app.

Why augmented reality?

You might be asking yourself why you might need or want to include an augmented reality feature within your app. Obviously, it really depends on what you intend to do with your app, but here at Wikitude, we’ve seen amazing applications of our technology ranging from the hotel and real-estate industries, a variety of location based services, augmented reality gaming, practical language learning tools, and of course, BlackBerry’s usage of Wikitude within their popular BBM service.

If your app involves human interaction, there’s an augmented reality component that you might be missing. We’ve seen the addition of our technology take a “meh” app and propel it to a “wow!” moment when users discover the AR element. Beyond the examples above, as mobile technology continues to evolve, processors and sensors speed and accuracy continue to improve, and we’ve noted a sharp upturn in the use of augmented reality. Major brands including IKEA, Sony, O2, and The Rolling Stones have all embraced augmented reality, shouldn’t you?

Oh, and then there’s the little company in California working on a wearable display. Something about Glass?

“Wikitude has raised the bar for what can be achieved by a PhoneGap plugin. Their augmented reality SDK integrates seamlessly with your PhoneGap app, has a customizable view, exposes a rich JavaScript API, and is heavily documented. This plugin will inspire PhoneGap technology demos and enhance existing PhoneGap apps,” comments Michael Brooks, PhoneGap and Apache Cordova Developer.

The augmented reality plugin for PhoneGap developers is now available from Wikitude via the PhoneGap plugin repository on Github. Developers may register for and download the Wikitude SDK free of cost at