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Mobile Camp LA

An amazing crew in Los Angeles have got together and organized Mobile Camp LA for October 18th, 2012. Among these extraordinary people are PhoneGap LA Meetup organizers George McKinney and Josue Bustos.

PhoneGap will be well represented at Mobile Camp LA. Gord Tanner and Michael Brooks are core contributors to the Apache Cordova project, which is the engine that powers PhoneGap. There will also be passionate developers such as Greg Wilson, Max Katz, Chris Griffith, and Audrey Roy in attendance to share their knowledge of mobile application development and PhoneGap.

Outside of the presentation rooms, PhoneGap and BlackBerry have teamed up to help you add BlackBerry 10 support to your existing PhoneGap application. The first ten (10) people to successfully port their application to BlackBerry 10 will be given a BlackBerry 10 device! You can read the full details at Calling All PhoneGap Devs to Mobile Camp LA.

If you’d like to join us at Mobile Camp LA, then head on over to the registration page. Registration is $20, but with this kind of attendance it will be well worth it.