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BarcodeScanner Plugin

We’ve added support for another plugin to Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build for iOS and Android – BarcodeScanner. And more are coming!

A single line of JavaScript in your PhoneGap app will launch the scanner, and upon detection of a barcode, control will be passed back to your app, along with the barcode data.

As with the ChildBrowser Plugin, this is an open-source plugin originally from the PhoneGap Plugins repository, tweaked to work on our build servers. Kudos to the authors – check out the Github repository to pay your respects.

For inclusion instructions, check out the docs, and for the full JavaScript API, and a list of the barcode types supported, check out the source readme. And for a basic demo app, look at and build

We’re building out our plugin support based on plugin demand and plugin availability, and for this we lean heavily on our community. Want your plugin on Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build? Read this guide.