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Push Messaging plugin from mBlox

Push messaging can help keep users active and engaged. This is especially true of consumer apps where usage drops off rapidly after the initial install. Push messaging can also be used to inform users of any updates on the server. For enterprise apps, this prevents unnecessary queries that burden the server and saves battery life. The mBlox push messaging plugin allows you to take advantage of the following capabilities:

  • Send push messages to iOS and Android devices
  • Send geo-fenced messages to users
  • View real-time analytics
  • Add users into groups for easy targeting
  • Send rich messages (videos, pictures, html) and control how they are rendered in the app

Integrating the Push Messaging plugin from mBlox into your PhoneGap app is easy – you simply add two more plugins to your application’s plugin list and extend the declarations depending on target platform and you’re done. This adds the push messaging capabilities to your app.

To push messages using the mBlox platform, you can either use the REST API to send messages or use the web-based dashboard called the Engagement Manager. The Engagement Manager makes it easy for non-technical users to send messages.

The developer pricing is pay as you go. There are no monthly fees; if you don’t use the service, you don’t have to pay. You get access to the Engagement Manager right away. To make it easy for you to get started, we will give you a starting credit of $10. You can use the coupon code PHONEGAP by November 15, 2012 to get additional $30 credit. You can find the plugin on mBlox developer site:

The documentation is available here:

About mBlox mBlox, the leader in mobile engagement, helps brands, agencies and enterprises create meaningful connections with their customers on mobile devices anytime and nearly anywhere. Our network of more than 800 mobile operators around the world enables businesses to reach nearly 5 billion consumers. We make it easy to use interactive text message campaigns, push notifications and geolocation in order to drive revenue, lifetime customer value and ROI.