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Status Update Jan 13 - Jan 19 2013

Hey Build users! We’ve got some exciting news. Some of you have expressed that we need to be more transparent in our progress towards improving Build, PhoneGap Build, and we plan to do just that.

We’ve absorbed your awesome feedback and we’re now going to be providing weekly updates on the past week’s progress, plans for the current week, and some target plans for the future.

So let’s get started with our first post!

Progress for Jan 13-19

  • Refreshed the design of the Build statuses on the apps index page
  • Improvements to signing key workflows
  • The lock status of currently selected key is now shown next to each platform
  • “Rebuild all” button now warns that you are attempting to build for platforms with locked keys selected
  • Fixed signing key uploads in IE9
  • “Ready to build” now triggers as expected when signing key is locked.
  • Actively worked on the Facebook, and Push Notification plugin

Plans for Jan 20 - 26

  • PhoneGap 2.3
  • Stability/Security patches

Current plans for after Jan 26

  • Panel for uptime/service status
  • Adding service measures to update the community
  • Getting a 24 hour response team for critical failures
  • Providing more timely updates via social media.

That concludes our status update for this week. Please note that plans scheduled for the future may change and we may shuffle them according to necessity or demand.

We continue to welcome your feedback on Get Satisfaction.