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Introducing GenericPush Plugin

We’re happy to announce the support of a new plugin! The GenericPush plugin is an open-source plugin for use with Cordova and allows your application to receive push notifications on both Android and iOS devices.

The Android implementation uses Google’s GCM service, whereas the iOS version is based on Apple APNS Notifications.

Important - Push notifications are intended for real devices. The registration process will fail on the iOS simulator. Notifications can be made to work on the Android Emulator. However, doing so requires installation of some helper libraries, as outlined here, under the section titled “Installing helper libraries and setting up the Emulator”.

Read more about the plugin and see Holly Schinsky’s sample to see the plugin in action.

We know the community has been anxious for this plugin, so we’re stoked to see it join the line-up of other supported plugins:

To use any of our plugins in your project, check out our documentation here.

The team is working on adding more plugins, so stay tuned!