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Adobe PhoneGap Build plugin for Facebook Connect

Last week we released the GenericPush Plugin and this week we’re excited to introduce another plugin to the line up: Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build™ plugin for Facebook Connect.

The new plugin uses the native Facebook app to perform Single Sign On for the user on Android and iOS devices. It uses the same JavaScript code in your Cordova (aka PhoneGap) application as you use in your web application. If that isn’t possible, then the sign on will degrade gracefully using the standard dialog based authentication. Note: this is supported on PhoneGap (Cordova) v2.1.0 and above.

Just starting out? Check out the example apps which cover a majority of use cases.

Facebook is actively working on their APIs and mobile plugins and we’ll keep our plugin up-todate as functionality is added.

Read more about the plugin or check out our other support plugins:

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