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Status Update: Jan 20 - Jan 26, 2013

Hey Build users! It’s time for our weekly update again. Here is what we’ve been up to.

Progress for Jan 20 - Jan 26

  • Fixed duplicate listing of keys
  • Handle UI issues when non-existent key is referenced
  • Added collaborator documentation
  • Adding GenericPush plugin.
  • Adding FaceBook Plugin Support
  • Over quota fix
  • Users were not able to switch an application from private to public when they were over quota.
  • Implementing Oauth support
  • Getting PhoneGap 2.3 onto PGB

Plans for Jan 27 - Feb 2

  • Continue with PhoneGap 2.3 support.
  • Adding stability to our BB servers
  • Starting work on our uptime/service status panel.

Current plans for after

  • Continue with panel for uptime/service status
  • Continue with adding service measures to update the community
  • Getting a 24 hour response team for critical failures
  • Providing more timely updates via social media.
  • Try to automate this process

That concludes our status update for this week. Please note that plans scheduled for the future may change and we may shuffle them according to necessity or demand.

We continue to welcome your feedback on Get Satisfaction.