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Status Update: Jan 20 - Feb 4, 2013

Hey everyone, this post is a bit late as we were hard at work on the 2.3.0 release. We hope you’ll forgive us for our tardiness!

Let’s get started!

Progress for Jan 27 - Feb 4

  • Working on integrating PhoneGap 2.3 onto PGB
  • Internal tools for infrastructure monitoring.
  • We’re hoping to reuse some of these tools to help create the status panel we’ve been aiming for.

Plans for Feb 5 - Feb 9

Current plans for after Feb 9th

  • Deploy PushWoosh plugin.
  • Align ourselves with Plugman (currently using Pluginstall) so we’re able to take advantage of future PhoneGap/Cordova plugins.
  • Continue adding service measures to update the community
  • Uptime/service status
  • Getting a 24 hour response team for critical failures
  • Providing more timely updates via social media.

That concludes our status update for this week. Please note that plans scheduled for the future may change and we may shuffle them according to necessity or demand.

We continue to welcome your feedback on Get Satisfaction.