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Status Update: March 4 - March 18, 2013

Hey Build users! We’ve been working hard on Build over the last couple weeks. The progress we’ve made should help us provide a better user experience and quality of service.

Progress for March 4 - March 18:

  • Security overhaul to patch various aspects of our system.
  • Upgraded Xcode on all of our OSX systems.
  • Various bug patches
  • Adding pagination for users with a large volume of applications (25+ apps)
  • Internal tooling to help manage our servers.
  • Merging changes contributed by the Build team from pluginstall to plugman. This will allow for us to align ourselves with the Cordova plugin architecture.
  • Working with the Cordova team on a plugin distribution channel architecture that will be supported by Build.
  • Working on integrating Medic to provide a continuous integration system to validate PhoneGap distributions and plugin distributions.
  • Actively integrating the PushWoosh plugin into Build.

Plans for March 18 - March 25:

  • Continue working on integrating Plugman
  • Continue working on integration Medic into our workflow.
  • Continue developing internal tooling to aid in system monitoring and system management.
  • Continue integrating the PushWoosh Plugin.
  • PhoneGap 2.5.0 Integration. We will be skipping 2.4.0.

Current plans for after March 25th:

  • Continue adding service measures to update the community
    • Uptime/service status (Including the service status panel)
    • Getting a 24 hour response team for critical failures
    • Providing more timely updates via social media.

That concludes our status update for this week. Please note that plans scheduled for the future may change and we may shuffle them according to necessity or demand.

We continue to welcome your feedback on Get Satisfaction.