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PhoneGap at Adobe MAX 2013

Adobe is hosting its MAX conference on May 4-8 in LA and we’re going to be there! This conference has a special place in our hearts as 2011’s MAX announced Nitobi was joining Adobe. We had a lot of fun and it was great to see PhoneGap’s name up on the big screen.

This year’s MAX looks just as exciting as years past, with a full line-up of content geared toward designers and developers to exchange ideas and get inspired. From labs to sessions, you’ll learn the latest technologies, techniques and strategies for delivering your best work.

This year’s schedule boasts a huge list of PhoneGap related topics in hands-on labs and informative sessions:

Beyond Demo Code: Building Apps for Mobile Devices Using Web Technologies

Sun @ 9am

Learn how to build large, complex, and native-like mobile apps using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This session covers modern strategies to build large JavaScript projects using JavaScriptMVC frameworks, and how to use Adobe PhoneGap™ to leverage the native capabilities of your device in JavaScript and to package your HTML application as a native app for distribution through the different app stores. Read more

Creating Mobile Applications with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Build

Mon @ 5pm, Tues @ 3pm

Discover how jQuery Mobile and Adobe PhoneGap Build make for a powerful combination when creating mobile applications with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This session will show how to make the most of these tools when using them together in mobile development. Read more

Introduction to PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build

Mon @ 2:45pm, Wed @ 1:30pm

See how PhoneGap and the Adobe PhoneGap Build service have changed how we approach mobile application development, making it accessible for all web creatives. This lab session will introduce you to the PhoneGap API and walk you through how to interact with the JavaScript methods to create interactive, feature-rich mobile applications. Read more

Building Mobile Apps with Web Standards

Mon @ 3:30pm

Join us for an introduction to PhoneGap, which allows web developers to create mobile apps that have access to device functionality. Learn how PhoneGap works and how it will enable you to start building mobile apps with web standards. Read more

Expanding PhoneGap with Plug-ins

Tues @ 2:30pm

PhoneGap has a plug-in model that lets developers combine native code with JavaScript to add extra features to their applications. Learn about how to extend PhoneGap by creating your own plug-ins. Read more

How to Avoid App Store Rejections with Your Mobile Apps

Tues @ 1pm

It’s easy to build an app using HTML/JavaScript/CSS and package it with PhoneGap, but some common gotchas may keep your app from getting into the app stores. Learn how to add the right UI polish and behaviors to your app to get it approved. Read more

Optimizing PhoneGap Applications

Wed @ 11am

Come learn best practices and tools for gauging performance and optimizing your PhoneGap apps. Because PhoneGap runs on a variety of devices, it’s important to test and optimize your content to ensure a quality user experience. Read more

PhoneGap and Untappd: The Perfect Pint

Mon @ 2pm

Untappd was able to use the power of PhoneGap to deliver a native iOS and Android app that increased daily user signups by 200% per month and check-ins from 1.5 million in 2011 to 16 million in 2012, leveraging the same code as its mobile web app. Come hear how and why PhoneGap can make such an incredible difference. Read more

Tips for Creating Real PhoneGap Apps that Look as Good as They Perform

Mon @ 3:30pm

Learn from those on the front lines of code and design how to build industry-leading digital experiences that perform great and challenge assumptions about hybrid apps, and look darn good while doing it. Read more

Architecting a PhoneGap Application

Wed @ 1:30pm

Explore best practices to build real-world PhoneGap applications that go beyond simple “Hello World” examples to create full-featured mobile applications. Read more

Advanced PhoneGap Build

Wed @ 3:3pm

Go beyond the basics of Adobe PhoneGap Build and explore how to use it in real-world scenarios. PhoneGap Build is a hosted build server that lets you build and package PhoneGap applications without installing native SDKs or specific IDEs on your local machine or local build server. Read more

Top 10 Performance Techniques for PhoneGap Applications

Tues @ 8:30am

Learn how a PhoneGap application can deliver near-native performance if you avoid a few common pitfalls, implement a few performance techniques, and leverage the latest capabilities of the HTML rendering engine available on your device. Read more

We’re also cooking up some other fun things too: PhoneGap in the MAX community lounge, hacking on code at the Brackets/PhoneGap Hackathon on Monday & Tuesday (details TBA!), and meeting members of the PhoneGap team at the LA PhoneGap Meetup group on Wednesday night (details TBA!).

As if that wasn’t enough to convince you to join us, we’ve also got a special promo to pass along too! Register now and save USD $400 with promo code: COM300.

We hope to see you at Adobe MAX in May!