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jQuery Adds Support for Windows Store Apps

Our friends at Microsoft had some exciting news last week: jQuery added full support for Windows Store applications!

The popular open source JavaScript Web framework jQuery is adding full support for Windows Store applications in the upcoming v2.0 release, thanks to recent contributions from appendTo with technical support from Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech). Considering the opportunity Windows Store apps represent for developers, this is a great news for JavaScript developers who can now develop apps for Windows 8 using what they already know along with their existing JavaScript code, hopefully leading to a new wave of jQuery-based Windows Store applications.

The Windows 8 application platform introduced support for HTML5 and JavaScript development leveraging the same standard-based HTML5 and JavaScript engines as Internet Explorer. As developers would expect, some popular open source JavaScript frameworks can already be used in the context of a Windows Store application, like backbone.js, Knockout.JS, YUI. You can learn more about how to build a Windows 8 app with YUI in this YUI blog from Jeff Burtoft, HTML5 evangelist for Microsoft.

Windows 8 provides access to all the WinRT APIs within the HTML5 development environment. Developers should be aware that there are some additional security features to consider when developing Windows 8 applications or HTML5-based cross platform applications for Windows. You can learn more about these features on MSDN.

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