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PhoneGap Facebook Plugin

The PhoneGap Facebook Plugin has been named to the Facebook Technology Partners Program! Check out the plugin repository on Github.

Follow the readme to get started. It includes instructions for using this plugin with iOS and Android devices. Currently, the plugin supports Facebook SDK 3.0 for Android and Facebook SDK 3.2 for iOS.

The PhoneGap Facebook Plugin is open source and MIT licensed. It is completely free to use, just like PhoneGap! The plugin allows developers to use a modified version of Facebook’s web SDK and maps certain calls to the native Facebook iOS and Android SDKs. You can now have your users directed to the installed Facebook app for single sign-on instead of navigating through the device browser.

The plugin comes with three example apps that show Facebook APIs in action. The newest addition to the examples apps folder is Scrumptious. The Scrumptious directory includes its own readme with instructions on how to get started. This app interacts with Facebook’s Open Graph and requires setting up a web server to handle the open graph objects.

View the screencast below to get a quick introduction to the PhoneGap Facebook Plugin and the Scrumptious example application.