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Ending Support for PhoneGap 1.9 and Below on PG Build

In an effort to focus the efforts of the PhoneGap Build development team, we will be ending support for all PhoneGap versions prior to 2.0 with our upcoming release of Phonegap 2.7. We’re currently aiming to release 2.7 around May 15.

With the evolution of PhoneGap since 1.x, the Cordova architecture has gone through numerous improvements and redesigns. Removing support for 1.9 and earlier will allow us to simplify our infrastructure and improve the performance of PhoneGap Build.

Hopefully, there is no reason anyone should be using a version of PhoneGap earlier than 2.0 – and ideally we want you to be using the latest version all the time. There may be the odd time when you’ll have to refactor some of your code to support an upgrade – but the return will be enhanced performance, a richer Device API, and more plugins (coming!).

If you do run into problems upgrading your PhoneGap version, we’re here to help.