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Congrats to our PhoneGap Build Champions

PhoneGap Build users looking for support head to our free forum hosted over on Get Satisfaction. If you’ve ever been on the forum, you’ve probably seen some people who go above and beyond by helping others. They’re not PhoneGap Build staff, but fellow Build users who are passionate about the service and like to help the community.

To thank these super users, we’ve decided to recognize them by awarding some perks: * Champions: On Get Satisfaction, we’ve promoted these users to ‘Champion’ status. They get a badge on their profile and are recognized by the PhoneGap Build team as highly valued contributors. * SWAG! We have some awesome PhoneGap Build swag including t-shirts, stickers and pins.

We’ve recently promoted the following users to our new Champion status: Alan_neveu, red_laser and yann_s. Thanks for your hard work!

Interested in becoming a PhoneGap Build Champion? All you need to do is be active on the forum, post frequently and regularly, and help others. We’d love to see you on there!