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Build June Summary

#Highlights for June + Alignment with Cordova using Plugman for plugin registration + Updating all Build plugins to support Plugman + Updates to FaceBook Plugin to stay in sync with Facebook’s SDK + Continued infrastructure improvements for scalability and reliability + Support for Cordova release 2.9.0

#Plans for July Heading into July we are preparing for PhoneGap Day on July 19th in Portland. You can buy tickets here. We have a great line up of speakers and so we hope to see you there!

We are planning on introducing several new features, several of them are top picks from the PhoneGap Build Community Forum: + A new mechansim to better support Build users to submit their own plugins + Update to the Weinre Server for a better debugging experience + Ability to specify your own debug server + Improved build times for apps + Continued improvements for reliability and scalability + Support for Japanese